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Get fast 4G LTE and 5G ready Broadband Technology

Broadband over 4G LTE & 5G ready is a new generation of wireless data transfer, using mobile cellphone providers, that allows you to download music, stream videos, use Skype, Facebook, and general internet usage.

All Irish mobile phone operators offer 3G network connectivity, with data transfer speeds up to 60Mbps down-link and 20Mbps up-link. Greater availability of LTE technology is already providing faster 4G speeds in some areas.

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Technical terms explained


Obstacles and electrical devices between you and the cell tower may hinder the quality of signal received.


Connections to and from the cell towers are shared between many users at once. The number of users allowed simultaneously is called the contention rate. The higher the contention rate, the more traffic and usage from all the other users, slowing your connection speeds.


The technology fitted in each cell tower (whether 3G or 4G) determines the type of service that you will get.

Phone Locks

Different mobile broadband providers use different equipment, frequency bands and technology from each other, but the truth is that your data transfer speed also depends on the frequency band that your phone is currently locked into.

If you use an unlocked device you may have more flexible options available to you.

3G vs 4G

The average speed of 3G mobile data technology from Irish mobile providers is 7Mbps down-link and 2Mbps up-link. (Results are based on Cellnet's own on-site surveys, at random locations nationwide at random times.

For some, a slow internet speed is tolerable and does not impact them. For others, that's just not good enough. There has been a massive improvement in mobile technology since the early days of data transmission; now that 4G is increasingly available there is a bright future for homes and businesses — particularly in rural communities that have been left without for so long.

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From planning to annual checks thereafter, Cellnet provides the best advice for commercial and residential new build projects.

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From planning to annual checks thereafter, we provide the best advice for commercial and residential new build and existing projects.

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Wifi Solutions

Boosting or re-routing your WiFi signal may help to get maximum performance. We assess your signal to create a solution especially for your property.

Networking and cabling

Networking & Cabling

We provide and install network cabling (CAT2–6) for domestic and corporate LAN networks, together with patch panels and switches.