Mobile Signal Booster (Mobile Repeater)

Boost your Mobile Signal, anywhere you go.

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Mobile Repeater

Pretty much everyone has had problems with mobile signal coverage at one time or another—perhaps on holidays, in rural areas, or even in the car while commuting to work.

Cellnet has a fantastic solution: no more long waits for your phone to sync with your mobile provider; no more frustrating call drops that affect how you run your business. Those days are gone!

With our new advanced technologies, your mobile signal coverage can be of such high quality that you can provide top-level customer service, chat comfortably with friends and relatives, or—most critically—you can be assured of a timely connection to the emergency services.

Mobile Phone Repeater Explainer Video

Service to our Customers

Our new Mobile Signal Relay systems, fitted by our professional installers, helps with your mobile coverage—both voice and data. The Relay is connected to your house, shed, garage, apartment, office or car: anywhere you need good phone coverage. Its external antenna links directly to the closest mobile operator tower, allowing you the comfort to relax and enjoy decent coverage, without interference and drop-out. No more visits outside in the rain, or leaning against a window to get that single bar on your phone!

We provide a variety of installation options depending on your specific requirements, from simple single-band mobile coverage to a quad-band professional mobile relay system—ideal for pubs and hotels. Imagine your customers and staff finally enjoying good mobile and data coverage using 3G or 4G technology*.

Boost the mobile signal in your;

  • Home

  • Office

  • Car

  • Shed

  • Boat

  • Black Spots

Site Examination


In order for us to facilitate your installation, we will need to carry out a site investigation to establish signal strenght, and the optimal course of action required to achieve that signal directly into your property. Book a date, and we will get in touch.

Confirmation: Bookings are not confirmed until a Technician has contacted you to do so.

Our Service

Easy Set-up

We will not take up much of your time, in a couple of hours, you will have be able to make and receive calls.

Maximum Signal

We will get the best signal that is available for your property. Our technicians are professionals and will make sure your signal is the best that it can be.

CE Certified

Cellnet offers certified equipment and professional advice to home and business users, to source and provide the optimal solution for your individual needs.

No Dropped Calls

You will now be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will not lose any important calls, anymore.

*Equipment supplied

* Access to 3G or 4G depends on local towers. Our team will confirm the service level available to you during the initial site examination and advise you of options. Site examination must take place before any installation will begin.

Broadband Solutions

Whether you deal with a weak or intermittent broadband connection, or are tired of paying high monthly charges, we have a the perfect solution.


Consultancy Service

From planning to annual checks thereafter, we provide the best advice for commercial and residential new build and existing projects.

commercial and residential consultancy
Wifi in Clare : Extender

Wifi Solutions

Boosting or re-routing your WiFi signal may help to get maximum performance. We assess your signal to create a solution especially for your property.

Networking and cabling

Networking & Cabling

We provide and install network cabling (CAT2–6) for domestic and corporate LAN networks, together with patch panels and switches.