Wireless (WiFi) Services

WiFi, all around your home or business.

Our services are based on convenient always-on wireless technology that provides excellent WiFi connectivity in your home, office, pub, or shed.

We also provide full commercial-quality wired access points that extend your network to different parts of your building — or even outside your building: to the back of your pub, for example, or to a sun room at the rear of your garden.

Service to our Customers


We extend your wireless connection to wherever you need it, while ensuring that whatever we do suits your budget.


Cellnet offers professional advice home and business users, to source and provide the optimal solution for your individual needs.


Sometimes even a simple relocation of your existing modem helps a great deal. Gaining a stronger WiFi signal is a matter of locating possible sources of interference or blockage within the home or office. Regardless of the reason, we have systems to provide high-quality, dependable WiFi signal in all areas.


Remember that WiFi equipment should be replaced regularly to keep up with advances in security and data protection. A multi-hotspotted office or a single router in the home, in most cases the modem/router is connected to the mains 24/7, and works hard to broadcast WiFi  through the air. We consider it vital to replace your equipment on a regular basis, both for your own safety and security, and to ensure the best possible performance.

Your local WiFi and Mobile Experts


Broadband Solutions

Whether you deal with a weak or intermittent broadband connection, or are tired of paying high monthly charges, we have a the perfect solution.


Consultancy Service

From planning to annual checks thereafter, we provide the best advice for commercial and residential new build and existing projects.

commercial and residential consultancy
mobile repeater

Signal Boosters

No more long waits for your phone to sync with your mobile provider. Cellnets mobile signal boosters gets you connected.

Networking and cabling

Networking & Cabling

We provide and install network cabling (CAT2–6) for domestic and corporate LAN networks, together with patch panels and switches.