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Cellnet: Your Premier Partner for Business Connectivity and Security Solutions

At Cellnet, we offer tailored IT and communication solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. We understand that high-speed connectivity is crucial for modern business operations, so our WiFi and broadband solutions include both fibre-optic and rural options to ensure reliability and speed.

Additionally, our product range features state-of-the-art CCTV systems for enhanced security,

VoIP services for high-quality voice communication,

Mobile phone repeaters to guarantee strong and consistent signal strength.

Our networking solutions seamlessly integrate your IT and communication systems, creating a robust, high-performance environment that supports your business goals. Whether in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, or nationwide, Cellnet is your trusted partner for business connectivity and security, helping your enterprise thrive in the 21st century.

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Cellnet is Cel-Fi certified

Improve your indoor mobile coverage

Broadband Providers in Ireland, Fast Home WiFi Connectivity

WiFi Solutions

Cellnet is your one-stop shop for the perfect WiFi-connected home and office in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and nationwide. As independent experts, we ensure every corner of your space is free from dreaded black spots, providing 100% coverage. Discover how our solutions can transform your connectivity today!

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Cellnet proudly introduces Ireland's favourite 5G-ready antenna!

Poynting XPOL-2

Poynting makes wireless happen! Introducing the XPOL-2, the antenna that future-proofs your LTE/LTE+/5G connection.

Cellnet provides the premier solution that brings the highest-quality mobile broadband to your home or office with the advanced Poyntning XPOL-2.

Poynting Antenna

Your source for Independent Advice


Our team establishes what level of broadband coverage exists for your location.

Rural Broadband & Wifi

We inform you clearly and simply of the best broadband providers that meet your needs.


Our state-of-the-art solutions ensure we can maximise the wireless broadband signal available at your premises.


Your internet speed can be optimised using our device-specific configurations.

No Satellite Dishes

Specialised antennas for terrestrial signals remove the need for any form of satellite dish.

3G or 4G LTE

We can connect you to either 3G or 4G LTE services, depending on availability and your preference.


Cellnet uses the most current technology to provide you with the best receivers to keep you reliably connected.

100% Wifi Coverage

Careful positioning of equipment will guarantee that 100% of your premises has WiFi access.


Our experienced engineers are pleased to advise you on the best networking solution to meet your current and future needs.

Confused by Starlink? We can help!

For superior installations, professional wall and roof mountings for your new Starlink satellite broadband, call the team at Cellnet. We have the knowledge and the equipment to provide you with the best possible install that gets you the very best signal speeds.


In what situations would you need mobile boosters for your home in Ireland?

In what situations would you need mobile boosters for your home in Ireland? Mobile boosters act as digital signal amplifiers. They do three key things – – They capture the weak signal outside your home or building – They amplify the weak signal to avoid call drops. – The strengthened signal is retransmitted inside This…
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Benefits of Rural Broadband Providers in Ireland

Benefits of Rural Broadband Providers in Ireland The digital age has transformed daily life. But unfortunately, access to high-speed internet hasn’t reached all corners of the world. This fact is particularly relevant to rural areas. In Ireland, rural broadband providers play a crucial role in bridging this gap. They can bring the benefits of connectivity…
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What are the key characteristics of a Wi-Fi connected home in Ireland?

What are the key characteristics of a Wi-Fi connected home in Ireland? In Ireland, Wi-Fi connected homes are becoming increasingly popular. The trend is driven by the growing reliance on technology. The government’s National Broadband Plan also plays a big role. The plan aims to connect even the most remote areas.  Let us look at…
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Site Audits

Get professional independent advice about your current setup in your premises, or help with your new build.

Fibre Broadband

Choose a company that cares about your internet services. We offer bespoke solutions that match your unique needs!

Rural Wi-Fi

Don't let country life stop you from taking part in city work. Bring your work home and enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own home-office.

Mobile Repeaters

Fix your home or office mobile coverage with our range of mobile repeaters. Improve your coverage—from small rooms to entire warehouses.

How can CELLNET help YOU?

Connect with Cellnet today—our professional team will create and install the best possible solution for improved internet access for your home or business anywhere in Ireland.