All about Quality ...... not Quantity.


All about Quality ...... not Quantity.

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Cellnet Broadband

Cellnet has a long history providing the best possible solutions to your telecommunications needs. Discover why we are proud to be able to help you make your home perfectly compatible with 21st Century technology.

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Cellular Systems

Have you recently built or renovated your premises or an old cottage? Cellnet knows first-hand the difficulties posed when you find no coverage—or poor coverage—in your building, which is why we have become the leading installers of Cellular Systems in the Republic of Ireland.

Ensure you receive those all-important work calls—or text messages telling you they're on the way home. You can also avail of a purely Cellular solution as your primary internet connection!

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How can CELLNET help YOU?


Wi-Fi Solutions

Cellnet is your one-stop shop for the perfect Wi-Fi connected home. Being independent experts, we love to see a home fully connected and integrated, doing away with those dreaded black spots and making sure you always have 100% coverage everywhere you go. Learn more about our solutions today!

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Consulting Solutions

Since we at Cellnet began our journey, we have provided infrastructural solutions to a wide range of people and businesses with vastly different needs.

We have crafted a dedicated team that offers you bespoke tailor-made solutions to fit your precise requirements, for we know from experience that no one solution can solve all problems. Discover how our network consultation services can help you.

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Independent Advice


Our team establishes what level of broadband coverage exists for your location.


We inform you clearly and simply of the best broadband providers that meet your needs.


Our state-of-the-art solutions ensure we can maximise the wireless broadband signal available at your premises.


Your internet speed can be optimised using our device-specific configurations.


Specialised antennas for terrestrial signals remove the need for any form of satellite dish.

3G or 4G LTE

We can connect you to either 3G or 4G LTE services, depending on availability and your preference.


Cellnet uses the most current technology to provide you with the best receivers that keep you reliably connected.


Careful positioning of equipment will guarantee that 100% of your premises has WiFi access.


Our experienced engineers are pleased to advise you on the best networking solution to meet your current and future needs.