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Your local WiFi and Mobile Experts


Broadband Solutions

Whether you deal with a weak or intermittent broadband connection, or are tired of paying high monthly charges, we have a the perfect solution.


Consultancy Service

From planning to annual checks thereafter, we provide the best advice for commercial and residential new build and existing projects

commercial and residential consultancy
Wifi in Clare : Extender

WiFi Solutions

Boosting or re-routing your WiFi signal may help to get maximum performance. We assess your signal to create a solution especially for your property.

mobile repeater

Signal Boosters

No more long waits for your phone to sync with your mobile provider. Cellnets mobile signal boosters gets you connected.

Independent Advice


Our team establishes what level of broadband coverage exists for your location.


We inform you clearly and simply of the best broadband providers that meet your needs.


Our state-of-the-art solutions ensure we can maximise the wireless broadband signal available at your premises.


Your internet speed can be optimised using our device-specific configurations.


Specialised antennas for terrestrial signals remove the need for any form of satellite dish.

3G or 4G LTE

We can connect you to either 3G or 4G LTE services, depending on availability and your preference.


Cellnet uses the most current technology to provide you with the best receivers that keep you reliably connected.


Careful positioning of equipment will guarantee that 100% of your premises has WiFi access.


Our experienced engineers are pleased to advise you on the best networking solution to meet your current and future needs.

Enjoy fast, reliable internet

Internet access is a necessity, not a luxury. Cellnet is here to give you unbiased, professional advice on the best possible solution for you and your premises.

Get 4G LTE or 5G ready High Speed Broadband

Cellnet provides clients with cost-effective, high-speed, reliable internet connectivity in rural and urban locations. Using advanced 4G LTE technology, we know there is an optimum solution for you.

We consider providing users with the most reliable and fastest broadband available at their location is vitally important. Whether for speedy downloading, VoIP services, fast streaming, gaming, listening to music streams or browsing the web, Cellnet makes it possible no matter where you are.

Reconnect to the World, with reliable Broadband and WiFi for rural areas

Why should you suffer poor connection speeds, spotty service and limited availability just because you're in a rural area? Every day we help people reconnect to the internet from the comfort of homes or business locations. Surf, stream, download and work away, just as you might in urban areas, just with a more pleasant view!

Boost your Property — with a Boost to your Signal

Most routers are not strong enough to send signals all over the home or office but that does not mean major investment in order to do so. Properly configured and positioned wifi extenders will ensure maximum coverage so no matter where you are, you will not lose a "bit" of data.