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Wired NetworksWireless NetworksRoutersCable SolutionsSwitchesModemsAccess Points

Networking Integrations

We offer professional installations with a wide range of services that gets your business connected.

From planning to implementation, Cellnet creates and builds your network, providing total connectivity and dependable service. Your network then connects and links your entire electronic world: computers, smartphones, printers, and smart home devices. Our qualified engineers ensure all your connectivity needs are met and configured to perfection: switches, routers, and access points.

Your business LAN is completely integrated to the fabric of your premises, with a clean, neat finish. Cables are discreetly hidden, with panels and switches logically and aesthetically placed in optimal locations.


Planning for your Residential or Commercial Build

When dealing with planners and architects in the pre-build stage—or with builders during and after completion—Cellnet's consultancy service provides no-nonsense solutions to all broadband and mobile connectivity demands.

Cellnet's consultancy team tackles domestic telecommunication issues—such as blocked ducting under a driveway, not being able to connect to fibre even though a fibre network is outside your house, or even a lack of mobile connectivity—in any residence, from urban and rural homes to large apartment complexes.

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Consultation services

Cellnet offers a comprehensive consultation service for all your home and office networking needs.

​We can provide a general overview or give a more detailed assessment of your requirements, including full technical advice and support while you plan and create new builds.

Did you know 4 out of every 5 new build houses do not consider the networking needs of the modern connected home? Unfortunately, most developers and architects do not discuss networking infrastructure with their clients.

We intend to change this, inviting all professionals and prospective owners to first talk with us, and see how Cellnet may help you future-proof your home.

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Site Audits

Cellnet offers an independent site examination to give your building a complete Broadband, Wi-Fi and Mobile signal solution.

If you unsure if a good internet service or mobile signal is available for your new home build or projected commercial premises, or if you are considering a move to a different location, book a site examination service with Cellnet. We specifically focus on the location's broadband connectivity and access to communication services, with a comprehensive assessment and audit. Our expert team provides you with professional guidance and full information about what systems are most suitable for any location.
For new builds, get advice at the planning stage and ensure your new building fulfils your communication needs perfectly. Our engineers assess your unique needs—such as smart home features—along with vital telecommunication access at your proposed location, such as Wi-Fi signal strength, broadband speeds, mobile signal levels—even before you break ground.
For existing buildings, offices and commercial buildings, or all renovation works, book a Zoom call with our Engineering Department for expert information and advice, or request an on-site examination and assessment. 
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