Wi-Fi Solutions

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Wi-Fi Solutions

All around your homeAll around your business

Our services are based on convenient, always-on wireless technology that provides excellent Wi-Fi connectivity in your home, office, pub, or even your work shed.

We also provide full commercial-quality wired access points that extend your network to different parts of your premises—or even outside your buildings, such as a beer garden or external meeting space.

What is a Mesh system?

Whether we’re binge watching in the bedroom, gaming in the basement, or taking a video call from the kitchen, we all want a super fast Wi-Fi connection in every room of our homes.

Yet we still put up with spotty Wi-Fi connections, dead zones around the house, and annoying blinking lights when something goes wrong.


Your current provider most likely has configured your home like this. One router cannot cover all of a home fully, especially if placed in the wrong location.


Cellnet can create a mesh installation for your home, where each router links together in harmony to provide a perfect signal throughout the premises.

A mesh network is a group of routers that communicate wirelessly to each other to create a single Wi-Fi network that provides a blanket of coverage. This allows you to have multiple sources of Wi-Fi throughout your home, instead of just a single router that you get from your ISP.

Think about where the router is located in your home. Probably in a corner, or down on the floor behind the TV close to where the internet service enters your home.

That far-flung corner is the worst location to place a router if you want decent Wi-Fi throughout your home. The further you are from the router the weaker the signal, which leads to multiple dead zones and lots of buffered videos—and no comfortable enjoyment of Netflix.

Service to our Customers



We extend your wireless connection to wherever you need it, while ensuring that whatever we do suits your budget.



Cellnet offers professional advice to all home and business users, sourcing and providing the optimal solution for each unique installation.



Sometimes even a simple relocation of your existing modem helps a great deal. Gaining a stronger Wi-Fi signal is a matter of locating possible sources of interference or blockage within the home or office. Regardless of the reason, we have systems to provide high-quality and dependable Wi-Fi signals in all areas.



Did you know that Wi-Fi equipment should be replaced regularly to keep up with advances in security and data protection? In most cases the modem/router is connected 24/7 and works hard to broadcast your Wi-Fi. We believe it vital that equipment is replaced regularly for your own safety and security, and to ensure the best possible performance.

Let's examine the



Wi-Fi signals are sent from each Wi-Fi point, not just a single router. The TP-Link Deco is a connected system that provides better coverage over a wider space. The system is flexible and scalable. In your home you simply connect as many points as needed to improve the Wi-Fi coverage to every room.

The Wi-Fi points connect wirelessly, so you don’t need to run Ethernet cables throughout your house. Your devices connect seamlessly to each point as you move. A standard 3-pack covers up to 370m² (~4,000 sq. ft.)


Basic Home Mesh System


Home Mesh System

Available in packs of 1, 2 or 3 units

Mid-Tier Home Mesh System


Home & Office Mesh System for Gigabit Speeds