About Cellnet

Experts in Customised Solutions

About Cellnet

Experts in Customised Solutions

More than an internet service provider!

We are proud to offer our help to everyone.

Our desire is to ensure every internet user gets the service they pay for, for not only do we provide ISP services, we are third party professionals that can help you get the service you need from your current provider.

We instinctively understand that not all homes are built equal, and not all services work in the same in these different situations. As a result, we can offer you bespoke solutions to improve the less-than-perfect services you might receive from bigger companies.

We know, as you do, that there is a solution to every problem.

Perhaps you have a new router you bought online or from your local IT store, and are not able to configure it. We can help! Out technicians have the knowledge and understanding that will get you quickly connected to your network.

Or maybe you'd like to connect your new mesh system to your home network but would prefer it to be as fast as possible, not just linked wirelessly. Our technicians specialise in this area of service and will be delighted to assist you, to create the perfect connected home.

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About Cellnet's Core Values

Our core values drive everything we do:

  • There are no problems — there are always solutions, and we can provide them.
  • We are part of the community, and proudly serve local communities throughout Ireland.
  • We are all about quality in the products we provide and the service you receive.

Cellnet is a independent telecommunications business providing home and business owners with Broadband, Wifi, and networking solutions.

We have already connected hundreds of customers to quality broadband services throughout our Mid-West heartland of Clare and Limerick, into Galway and now nationwide.

Cellnet happened as a direct result of the lack of support for the customer. Big business is notorious for getting as many customers in as they can, yet once they are under contract they are quickly forgotten about.

Cellnet wants to change this. We supply our customers with Internet for their home, then make it the heart and soul of their home, providing the latest technology that ensures our customers get the very best possible from their ISP.

Not just an Internet Service Provider!

We also provide:

  • Wireless connection provider of Mobile Broadband
  • Experts in Cellular Repeater coverage solutions
  • WiFi Repair and Installation Specialists
  • CAT cable installation in new and existing builds
  • Fibre line installation in and around your premises

Would you enjoy fast, reliable internet?

Of course you would!

Connect with Cellnet today—our professional team will create and install the best possible solution for improved internet access for your home or business anywhere in Ireland.