Bespoke Mobile Wi-Fi Network Implementation in New Build

Bespoke Mobile Wi-Fi Network Implementation in New Build

A Mobile Wi-Fi Network helps provide wireless internet connectivity using cellular networks. This network operates by converting cellular signals into Wi-Fi signals. This technology lets users access the internet even in areas where traditional mobile networks might not be available. It can also be helpful where mobile network coverage tends to be weak.

Cellnet was approached by a prominent real estate developer undertaking a large-scale new build project in an urban area. The client sought a comprehensive mobile Wi-Fi solution to address the issue of poor cellular reception within the construction. The mandate from the client was to enable trustworthy connectivity for future occupants.

1. Challenges Faced

The modern design of the new building incorporates thick insulation. This inadvertently hindered mobile signals from penetrating the building’s interior. The result was weak cellular connectivity. These were some issues faced by the client:

  • Thick insulation impedes mobile signal transmission. This leads to a lot of instances of dropped calls and slow internet speeds in new buildings.
  • The materials used to insulate the buildings impede mobile services. They tend to obstruct mobile network penetration. This often results in the creation of dead zones or areas with weak signal strength.
  • Signal attenuation from thick building materials poses one more significant issue. They hamper cellular connectivity inside well-insulated structures.
  • Thick insulation can act as a barrier, leading to poor reception and limited network coverage indoors.

As a result of these challenges, the client needed an expert broadband and internet provider in Ireland to set up and configure Wi-Fi solutions. The client needed a viable solution so that the building’s occupants do not have to face the problem of dead zones and weak signal connectivity within the premises.

Challenges Faced
Challenges Faced

2. CellNet’s Solution

  • Site Assessment: Cellnet conducted a thorough on-site evaluation. This helps the team to understand the structural layout. It also facilitated the identification of areas with poor signal reception.
  • Customized Wi-Fi Network: Leveraging our expertise, Cellnet designed and implemented a bespoke Wi-Fi network. It consisted of setting up distributed antennas strategically positioned throughout the building. These antennas effectively boosted mobile signals, ensuring consistent connectivity on all floors.
  • Innovative Technology Integration: Cellnet incorporated cutting-edge signal amplification devices like repeaters and femtocells. This was done to enhance signal strength and coverage across the property.
  • Quality Assurance: We also conducted rigorous testing and optimization post-installation. This helped verify the optimal performance and seamless connectivity across the entire new build.
CellNet’s Solution
CellNet’s Solution

3. What was the Outcome?

The Cellnet team successfully resolved the connectivity issue by creating a robust Wi-Fi network that eliminated dead zones within the new build.

Occupants and businesses within the property now enjoy reliable mobile connectivity. This new setup within the building helped in facilitating uninterrupted communication and productivity.

What was the Outcome?
What was the Outcome?


Cellnet’s innovative approach and tailored solutions effectively overcame the challenge of poor mobile signal in the new build. Our team delivered a reliable and comprehensive Wi-Fi network that meets the client’s and occupants’ connectivity needs. Talk to us today to learn more about our services.


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