Kilmaley calls for help—Broadband outside Ennis!

Outside of town doesn’t mean outside of coverage for Kilmaley.

Should you live just outside Ennis and — like so many — have been told by the powers that be that your home is unsuitable for broadband, you should call Cellnet to book your on-site survey. You may be pleased to know there are quality wireless solutions available that you might never have known about.

Rooftop installation on a house eave in Kilmaley

In this particular case, our customer lives on main Kilmaley–Ennis road, but too far from both the Ennis and Kilmaley exchanges. Even the slow ADSL option was not available and our unfortunate customer was so frustrated he very nearly moved home!

After calling Cellnet, we performed our on-site survey using a wideband spectrum analyser and discovered a strong 4G LTE signal was available, with the mast just up the hill from the property. A wonderful solution to his problem, as the family are now enjoying a reliable, decent broadband connection.

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