New Builds No Signal Battling Insulation Woes in Irish Homes

New Builds, No Signal – Battling Insulation Woes in Irish Homes

Ireland’s construction sector is booming. It is common to see energy-efficient homes boasting thick insulation. These advancements benefit the environment and wallet. However, a growing number of residents are facing an unexpected downside. They see a complete lack of mobile signal within their own homes. As a result, homeowners are unable to make or receive calls when they are in their house.

This phenomenon is often dubbed the ‘Faraday Cage effect.’ It highlights the need for a balanced approach between energy efficiency and connectivity.

1. Understanding the Blockade

Mobile signals travel as radio waves. Materials like metalized foil often used in insulation act as barriers. In new builds, thicker insulation layers create a more effective shield. It reflects or absorbs the signal. This leaves residents struggling to make calls. They find it difficult to send texts or access data indoors.

Understanding the Blockade

Understanding the Blockade

2. The Result

Many new homeowners move into their dream home. But then they discover that they cannot use the phone without stepping outside. For many, this lack of signal causes a lot of inconvenience. It may even lead to safety concerns. Residents miss calls and struggle to work remotely.

They may even feel isolated. This is especially true for those reliant on mobile banking or medical alerts. Businesses operating from these homes face productivity losses.

The Result

The Result

3. What can be done about it

Recognizing the issue, various stakeholders are working on solutions. Construction companies are exploring signal-friendly insulation alternatives.
Mobile operators are investigating signal booster technologies in parallel. They are also checking the feasibility of strategically placed cell towers. Some residents have opted for individual boosters.

4. Balancing Concerns

According to experts, it is vital to strike a balance between energy efficiency and signal strength. Thicker insulation offers undeniable benefits. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of crucial connectivity. They can explore other signal-friendly materials. They can also use strategically placed cables.

Open communication and collaboration between construction companies, mobile operators, and regulatory bodies are essential. Cellnet is working closely with builders and electrical contractors to implement necessary cabling infrastructure for mobile boosters during the first fix. This method is very effective as when walls are plastered and painted its very hard to add more cables or install internal boosters in ideal locations.

Balancing Concerns

Balancing Concerns

5. Individual actions matter…a lot

We need not simply await broader solutions. As homeowners, we can take some initiative. We can map signal strength to help identify ‘dead zones’ within the house. We can also use signal boosters in specific areas. These initiatives may offer temporary relief from the problem of poor signal reception around the house.

The Road Ahead

Ireland’s construction industry continues to prioritize energy efficiency. Yet, addressing the mobile signal challenge is critical. The use of innovative solutions and responsible planning will help. Connect with Cellnet for quality solutions that are effective and efficient.

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