StellaHome 8 repeater kit | Single Band


StellaDoradus mobile booster singleband 800MHz kit

Get 4G coverage in your home, on the 800Mhz frequency

  • Coverage up to 1,000 m2  per system
  • Suitable on all irish networks – allows unlimited conections
  • Built for Freq 800 (band 20)
  • Ease of setup


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The Stella home repeater is ideal for providing mobile signal coverage in your home. As long as there is mobile signal outside your house, this booster will amplify it and send it about inside your house. For the booster to work you must have at least 2 bars of mobile signal outside your house on your phone. This repeater is  powerful and will provide coverage for about 15 rooms. or 4000m2.

Frequency Specifications

  • Frequency Bands (Mhz) 791 – 862MHz
  • Coverage 1000m2 (open space)
  • Gain “Uplink Gp > 50dB Downlink Gp > 60dB”
  • Pass Band Ripple < 4dB
  • I/O Impedance 50 ohm/SMA female connector
  • Max Uplink/Downlink Signal Strength 17dBm / 10dBm
  • Ambient Temperature -30°C to +70°C
  • Power Supply Input 110 – 240V AC
  • Power Supply Output 12v DC
  • Oscillation Control Automatic
  • Surge Protection connectors DC grounded, 12V DC port MOV protectedWorks with major networks in ireland.

The Kit comes with everythig you need for an easy inslatall: external antenna, internal antenna, 12m black pre terminated cable, repeater and power supply

To maximize the performances in rural areas we recommend upgrading to an high gain directional Yagi antenna for only €40

*Cellnet recommends this to improve coverage in rural area, surrounded by trees or over 3k away from the mobile tower.


Additional information

Weight 750 g
Dimensions 12 × 15.5 × 34 cm