Low Loss LMR240 / SD240 cable


Low Loss LMR240 / SD240 coax cable that can be used in domestic and commercial communication. If your cable is broken, needs replacement or simply is to short this cable would definitely suit as can be cut to any length.

Also we do cable configuration service to save you time and confusion if you need different length or connectors just let us know.

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Low Loss LMR240 / SD240 cable with very thick copper inner conductor.

Can be used for for relays, mobile repeaters, mobile broadband, radars, yagi antennas, panel antennas, omni antennas, grid antennas, WIFI antennas and many more…

Low Loss LMR240 / SD240 cable is designed to transmit the maximum signal to your antennas. with copper conductors for less signal loss. However in this high quality cable, the dimensions and spacing of the conductors are uniform. Any abrupt change in the spacing of the two conductors along the cable tends to reflect radio frequency power back toward the source, causing a condition called standing waves, reducing the amount and quality of the transmitted power.

You should allow three inches of cable to make a 90 degree turn in your runs without causing signal loss. The connectors used with the coax must also hold the correct spacing through the body of the connector to avoid signal loss

Price per meter free shipping included for order over 10 meters.

Obviously we can terminate this cable to suit your needs for example to SMA type male, N type male or N type female connector.

1 Qty=1 Meter