Poynting XPOL-2 High Gain Cross with 10m cable


Poynting XPOL-2 High Gain Cross with 10m cable

The biggest passive MIMO type antenna available on the Irish market. Has been designed to provide 3G and 4G LTE connectivity in remote locations where distance from the mobile tower is much bigger. This model has built in to internal irradiations in 45 degree angle one horizontal and one vertical for the best performance. It’s has been specially designed to work in rural areas. Doesn’t need any special tuning just needs to be faced toward the mast. Works on very long distances even thru obstacles like trees, buildings, power lines, wind farms etc. Antenna comes with 6 meter low loss white 5D-FB coax cable and SMA male connector ready to connect straight into the modem. Longer cables can be provided if necessary.

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Also we do cable configuration service to save you time and confusion if you need different length or connectors just let us know.

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Poynting XPOL-2 High Gain Cross with 10m cable

Directional panel 3G/ 4G, 4G+ LTE /5G antenna that supports all frequency band available from mobile broadband operators.

This is the biggest antenna available on the Irish market and it’s also the best antenna for rural location. However to get the best speed you should place it on the galvanized mast externally as high as possible on the gable end or chimney. Above all antenna doesn’t  require special equipment to be tuned just need to be face towards mobile tower. In addition location of all mobile tower can be found under this link: siteviever.ie On the other hand if line of sight isn’t possible with the mobile tower then the best speed could be achieved by moving antenna angle from left to right.


The biggest advantage of this model is that it has been designed to work on longer distances from the tower so ideal for remote location. Also even if there is small obstacles like houses, trees, wind farms or other small blockages you will still be able to achieve decent speed over the wireless mobile broadband technology.

Main mobile routers that antenna and cable will support: Huawei B310, B315, B525, B535, B625, TP link MR 6400 TP link MR 200, D-link DWR-921 to sum up this is just example but any type of mobile router that you are currently using can be suitable just make a note of your router model when you are placing the order and we will make sure that cables will have necessary connectors to suit your equipment. This antenna comes with two metal U-Bolt clamps that is suitable for mounting on the poles up to 50mm. Angel of antenna can be adjusted only horizontally. Installation can be also arrange please contact us for more details.

Product specification:

Frequency Range 698~806MHz/824~894MHz/925~960MHz
VSWR ≤2.5
Gain 2x18dBi
Polarization Vertical-horizontal
Radiation 35°-Directional
Maximum Power 25W
Input Impedance 50 Ohms
Connector Type N-female
Cable Type Low loss white LMR200 100% copper
Antenna Size 45*38*10cm
Mounting 2x U-bolt suitable for poles up to 50mm
Weight 1600g