Amazing Cel-Fi GO G41 – 3G/4G/5G KIT


Cel-Fi GO G41 – 3G/4G/5G KIT

The Cel-Fi GO G41 is one of the most powerful consumer mobile signal booster on the market. Its 100 dB gain out performs competition by 30 dB.  The Cel-Fi GO G41 is highly recommended by Cellnet for those that want the best form their mobile provider.


Cel-Fi GO G41 – 3G/4G/5G KIT

Product Description

Designed to solve cellular coverage issues for indoor and outdoor applications, the Cel-Fi Go G41 – 3G/4G/5G kit Smart Signal Booster is the first carrier-class cellular coverage solution to offer industry-leading signal gain. Through artificial intelligence and Nextivity’s award-winning IntelliBoost® signal processing, Cel-Fi Go G41 – 3G/4G/5G kit delivers the industry’s best voice and data wireless performance. The system is also guaranteed to be unconditionally network safe and does not interfere with other wireless devices. Plus, GO G41 is NEMA 4 rated to provide reliable coverage in any setting.


Key Benefits

  • Maximum Gain: Industry-Leading 3G/4G/5G Voice and Data (65db Mobile/100 dB Stationary Depending on the Region)
  • Best Performance: Smart Signal Booster with IntelliBoost® Chipset Smart Technology
  • Cellular Coverage: Multi-User Mobile or Stationary Modes for Buildings, Residential, Remote, Vehicle, Trucking, RV, and Marine
  • Ease of Setup: 6 Steps for Installers and Maximized by AntennaBoostTM for Optimum System Performance
  • Cel-Fi WAVE: Mobile Device Application for System Set up and Changing Modes and Carriers
  • Weather Resistant: Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 4 and IP66 Rated
  • Network Safe: Carrier Approved with No Noise Guaranty

Quick Start

Tech Specs

Cel-Fi by Nextivity is listed on the comreg website as a compliant manufacture 

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